This one is for others

Today I am not posting my photography.

They’re images that would break anyone’s heart.

A husband’s poignant photo series documents the intimate moments of his wife’s fight with breast cancer — and her death.  Please click on the title below to view the photo essay. 

Photo Essay

These images are awfully familiar to me. Some are fresh in my mind and some are in my camera.  I still remember the days I would look into mirror and see in pain what I was becoming.   When I have seen the pictures of Jennifer, I could see myself. In some pictures we do look alike. And once you see all pictures of her and a few of mine below you will know what I mean.  It is a long and horrible battle.  There are many warriors and like all wars and battles some does not make it.  Like any war, I  have the same wish : It should not happen to anyone, anywhere …

I am grateful for each day, and each experience, and everything that has been gifted to me.    I salute all that had to endure such experience . I salute the ones who lost the battle and salute the ones who keep going.

So here is my journey from the lenses of others…


1st Chemo, 2008


2nd Chemo… Cut hair before the session (good advise by a nurse). 2008.


Still after 2nd Chemo. Yes a few days makes a difference. 2008


After so many chemos… 2009


This was my birthday celebration. I had my last chemo on my birthday. Then moved on to radiotherapy… 2009


My birthday morning this year 🙂 I love all days and even more so my birthdays… I am grateful. 2013


And this is me now… just a few months ago, in Milano… 2013

Everytime I look  at all my photos of past and present (at this point I have literally thousands of photos), I see love, wonderful friends, and family (all near and far). I see humor, laughter, and never ending love and support.  I am humbled by all I received, I am grateful for all universe, God, and my family and what they gave me. It is all nothing but love. And that is all worth to keep on going.  THANK YOU to my friends and family. And even if your photo may not be here in this page this time, you know who you are and how dear you are to me.  I could not make it without you.


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October 26, 2013 · 1:57 am

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